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Star Bridge Port Developments Ltd



Star Bridge Port Developments Limited has been set up as a single purpose vehicle to bring together leading international infrastructure development specialists through a new Strategic Alliance. We promote, prepare and develop projects to completion as project owner. To achieve this we engage a broad network of internationally recognised world leading infrastructure construction, management and development companies we have worked with for many years.

Star Bridge Port Developments Limited adheres to EU regulations and standards, and operates to the highest ecological and environmental standards.

Wherever we work, we attach high importance to the needs of the local community. We take care that, as a result of our development operations, local residents do not experience a decline in their living conditions. In fact the opposite is the case. It is always our intention to offer work to the local population, along with the appropriate training, so that they are able to benefit from the development and its commercial future.

People and the local environment are respected at all times, and the application of EU standards and correct compliance are essential to how we operate.