Star Bridge Port Developments Ltd



Project identification and promotion


Our experience in infrastructure development, as well as our network of business contacts and project partners, uniquely positions us to identify potentially successful infrastructure projects, whether new developments or upgrades/renovations. Whilst a project's robust economic basis, and therefore its commercial viability and success, is the cornerstone of any eventual scheme, we actively promote and integrate projects that foster social development. The success of a development’s core commercial potential can be indirectly enhanced by affiliated projects such as residential developments, service businesses and even sports facility developments. We seek to select and promote projects in a way that achieves a sensible balance of these elements, always in line with the regulations of those jurisdictions in which we operate and with the support of their Governments.


Project evaluation


Our expertise in assessing and identifying superior projects enables us to present attractive investment opportunities which, by enabling a development to happen, create economic improvement in various regions of the world. In some cases they can even have a significant socio-economic impact on a country or a region. We typically evaluate developments against an array of parameters including long term sustainable economics, robust return on investment (ROI) and socio-economic benefit impact.

The global Star Bridge Strategic Alliance is skilled at closely monitoring the finer details, and develops schemes sympathetically to the local population, as our projects are typically transformative for that country or region.


Project development


Star Bridge Port Developments Limited has a wide network of contacts and partners that are respected professionals in the international project development and construction business. We engage with contractors and partners that we know can deliver on schedule and in terms of quality and cost.

As the developer and project owner, Star Bridge Port Developments Limited will engage a consortium of relevant parties to form a financial structure, containing solid equity investors and a degree of debt financing from international financial institutions to provide assurance of a project’s success. While projects are operationally managed by AECOM within the Strategic Alliance, Star Bridge Port Developments Limited assigns dedicated skilled staff to constantly monitor the progress of any given development, who regularly report directly to the main Board, our Investors and the relevant Government in the case of infrastructure projects.

All developments are constructed strictly to current EU regulations.


Development investment coordination


At this stage a project has evolved from being a project to being a development. With our financial advisers, the Company structures and coordinates the entire financial architecture of the development, from capital raising to debt retirement, to refinancing, listings and other related activities. Our track record and contacts among major financial institutions and investors make the Company well placed to arrange optimal financial structures that enable the smooth completion of developments. Star Bridge Port Developments Limited operates with a philosophy of transparency and regulatory compliance.


Operations monitoring


Star Bridge Port Developments Limited and its respected international industry advisers will identify premier operators for all sectors of the development to ensure the success and profitability of the entire project for many years into the future, for both the Government and the investors. This automatically provides ongoing operational efficiency with an exacting reporting facility for the directors of the Company.