Star Bridge Port Developments Ltd



Types of developments


Star Bridge Port Developments Limited typically develops and retains interests in large scale infrastructure schemes that usually are made up of a number of sub developments. Usually these include several or all of the following sub developments where they strengthen the business plan for structures, such as deep water ports or airports:

1) Cargo ports, especially deep water ports that can accommodate future port requirements and receive the largest vessels.

2) Ancillary port related facilities (e.g. warehousing, container depots, raw materials storage, rail yards, logistics centres)

3) New settlements/residential developments

4) Industrial sites (e.g. oil terminals, LNG facilities – liquefaction or re-gasification plants, power plants, fertiliser plants)

5) Cruise ship terminals with ancillary businesses.

6) Commercial development and mixed retail centres.

Our developments typically contribute to major changes and advantages in the economic landscape of a location, region or country, and therefore require considerable investment.


Current developments


Several developments are currently in Star Bridge Port Developments Limited’s project pipeline at different stages of development. The company operates under strict confidentiality in order to protect the integrity of the specific Government or client until such time as all parties agree upon a due date for public exposure.

The Star Bridge Strategic Alliance member companies and financial partners are currently working on three major deep water port projects, two airports and other infrastructure developments. These include university student accommodation and hospital construction with ancillary projects to service and support these developments.

Star Bridge Port Developments Limited has a policy of working closely with its partners to ensure a secure long-term business plan from inception into the future for generations to come. It achieves this by engineering the project finance for the main development, whilst also providing finance to support each individual phase of the development and ancillary business opportunities, which will be provided by a syndicate of international investors, infrastructure funds, multilateral funds and international banks.

By adhering to this policy it allows for a healthy debt to equity ratio. Whether working within the EU or in developing countries, Star Bridge Port Developments Limited and the global Star Bridge Strategic Alliance members will always work to current strict EU regulations to ensure quality, and to maintain a strong safety record.


Completed developments


Our management team has a long track record in infrastructure developments around the world. Activities have ranged from development to management to financing, as well as corporate acquisitions, portfolio breakups/restructurings and substantial construction contracts.

AECOM, part of our Star Bridge Strategic Alliance, has completed high-profile port projects across the globe with its maritime projects including a vast range of developments in container liquid and dry bulk terminals, waterfront developments, cruise and ferry terminals, recreational marinas and military installations. High-profile projects include: Hamad Port; Colombo South Terminal port; Marina Bay and Greater Southern Waterfront; Port Botany expansion; King Abdullah Port; London Gateway; and New Doha Port.

Ramboll, another member of our Strategic Alliance, has also completed a vast array of port projects including: Skagen Port expansion; Port of Beirut; LNG terminal, Estonia; London Gateway; Ras Laffan expansion; and improvement to Harbour Street Holmestrand.